8 Shadows + 2 Blushers Beautiful Collaboration

Shadow and blusher at once!!! 
The ten-hole palette can produce various makeup moods with one palette consisting of a fantastic combination of colors. 

How To Make Up 
Shadow : Take an appropriate amount with your hand or a brush and naturally apply on the eyelids. 
Blusher : Take an appropriate amount with a brush, lightly shake off, and gently touch on the cheeks considering the shape of the face. 

1. M (Matte) : Soft, Clear & Pure Color, Gives more depth to eyes. 
2. MG (Matte Glitter) : Benefit of Matte & Glitter, Sheer and adheres well. Blance of Matte Base & Glitter Purl 
3. HG(Hologram Glitter): Colorful and Harmonies of light. Hologram Sparkling Glitter. 
4. C (Cheek Blusher): Fine Particles are blended transparently and Powder Cheek For Natural Vitality 

My Purple 
1. Base Color 
2. Double Eyelid & Triangle Zone Color 
3. Front & Back of Eyes, Triangle Zone Shadow Color 
4. Middle of Eyes and Fat point under Eyes Point Color 
5. From Cheek To Middle of Eyes Blusher Color

Coral Love 
6. Base Color 
7+8. Double Eyelid & Under Triangle Zone Mixed Color 
9. Eye Line Zone Guide Color 
6. The Middle of Fat Point Under Eyes Pocked Color 
5. The Middle of Cheek Blusher Color