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REAL SQUEEZE ALOE VERA ESSENCEGinseng royal silk powder


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Keep the scalp healthy and refreshed with the bursting essence.
ជួយថែរក្សាស្បែកក្បាលអោយមានសុខភាព នឹងធ្វើអោយមានភាពភ្លឺរលោងជាមួយនឹងសេរ៉ូមចិញ្ចឹមសសែសក់។


Essential for healthy scalp, Nature Republic’s Natural Olive Scalp Cooling Hair Essence keeps scalps moisturized and refreshed. Packed with plastic bristles for a gentle massage, the product is extremely cooling and perfect for a hot summer day. By massaging the scalp, it will also simulate hair growth.

Features & Details

For all hair types
Perfect for dry and itchy scalps
Contains: menthe arvensis oil (Cornmint), peppermint oil, olive oil, peppermint extract, tea tree extract and rosemary extract
Cornmint oil helps calm irritations and itchiness while cooling the scalp
Olive oil helps to moisturize scalp for healthy scalp and hair
Refreshing cooling sensation every use

How To use: 1. Fully shake up and down for more than 5 times before use.
2. Hold the container vertically so that the acupressure head touches the scalp and apply 1-2 times while applying appropriate pressure on the scalp.
3. Softly massage the scalp to promote absorption of the remaining residue into the scalp.
វិធីប្រើ: 1. ក្រឡុកចុះឡើងអោយបាន៥ដងមុនពេលប្រើ។
2. ចាប់កាន់ដបរួចហើយចុចច្របាច់ដាក់នៅលើស្បែកក្បាល ហើយធ្វើការអនុវត្តទៅលើស្បែកក្បាលដោយចុច 1-2 ដងដើម្បីធ្វើអោយជ្រាបអោយសព្វនៅលើស្បែកក្បាល។
3. ម៉ាស្សាស្បែកក្បាលអោយស្រាលៗដើម្បីជំរុញអោយការស្រូបយកកាកសំណល់ដែលនៅសល់ទៅក្នុងស្បែកក្បាលចេញមកអោយអស់។



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