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Happy mate shoe spray-fresh herb

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NN5370 Happy mate shoe spray-fresh herb

HOW TO USE: 1. Turn the shoes of the penguin in the direction of the arrow to open the spray. 2. When the nozzle in the shoes is exposed, inset the nozzle in the direction of the front side of the shoes and gently press downward. 3. Wear shoes after they dry. *Do not spray on one spot intensively (it may cause stains or stickiness).

វិធីប្រើ: 1. បើកនូវស្បែកជើងនៃផេនឃ្វីននៅតាមទិសដៅនៃសញ្ញព្រួញដើម្បីបើកបាញ់។ 2, នៅពេលដែលក្បាលនៃស្បែកជើងនោះបានរំកិលហើយ, ដាក់ក្បាលចូលទៅមុខនៃស្បែកជើង ហើយបន្ទាប់មកទុករហូតដល់ស្ងួតសឹមពាក់។ *កុំបាញ់នូវកន្លែលដដែលអោយច្រើនដងពេក(វាអាចធ្វើអោយមានភាបស្អិត)។

01 10010066NN5369 TSX2

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