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CELL BOOSTING ESSENTIAL SKINHand&Nature Sanitizer gel-aloe kills 99.9% of grms

City Care Marine Water Trans Pack To Foam

Price: $34.65

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The multi-action face wash (Mud Pack + Bubble Pack + Foam Cleanser)
effectively removes impurities from skin with its transforming texture

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount on dry face in detail in the direction of skin texture.
When fine bubbles are generated, gently rub skin in a massaging motion
and wash off with lukewarm water

សាច់ហ្វូមមានជាប្រភេទ​ ផេក​ ពពុះ ជាមួយនិង​ហ្វូមលាងសំអាត ជួយលាងសំអាតនិងជំរុះកោសិកាចាស់ ជូយឲស្បែកទន់ ភ្លឺរលោងផ្ដល់សំណើម


ម៉ាស្សាស្ងួត ឲចេញពពុះហើយលាងសំអាតជាមួយទឹកធម្មតា​

















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