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Vitamin B5 creamNATURE'S DECO EYELASH #10

Ginseng Royal Silk Cream Foundation (SPF26 PA+++)

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ផលិតផលម្ស៉ៅទ្រនាប់​​ដែលជួយឲស្បែកភ្លឺទន់ម៉ត់រលោង​ទប់ស្កាត់ភាពជ្រីវជ្រួញជាមួយម្ស៉ៅ​ Primer powder និងប្រភេទម្ស៉ៅគុជខ្យង​  យិនសិនក្រហមក្រមួនឃ្មុំ និងប្រភេទ​​អាមីណូអាខៃដែលជួយឲសាច់ម្ស៉ៅភ្លីរលោងជាមួយការពារកំដៅថ្ងៃ​ ២៦​ បូក





UV protection (SPF26,PA+)

Gives a soft powder particles represent a bright skin without clumping

Wet grinding method : Reduce flour powder skimp, soft texture makes expressed

Primer powder + fine pearl content
 It covers the bending of the skin and makes the skin look more transparent

Red ginseng royal silk line
ingredients Extract of Ginseng Royal jelly extract Silk amino acid Has a luxurious powder case, So you can carry it out with the contents.

Usage can use for all trys skin everyday and base makeup


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